Services Offered by an Estate Agent

Estate agents are persons who arrange for the sale, purchase, and management or renting of buildings and properties. Estate agents are typically involved in the marketing of properties, which are available for sale. The legal documentation falls within the purview of a third party referred to as a solicitor, or a licensed conveyor.

The real estate is more than just a go between

Once a real estate agent is appointed to sell a certain piece of property, or even some cases they look after a property making sure the carpets are cleaned, windows are in good condition and general building look is on point, they immediately embark on a marketing campaign, driven towards attracting potential buyers to the property in question. These agents then assume the responsibility of taking prospective buyers for viewing of the property, and also provide additional information on the property.

The term estate agent also refers to a person who is responsible for the management of a particular group of privately owned property, or letting agent services for tenanted properties owned by a singular owner. Estate agents have a series of obligations. One of these is informing a client when an offer has been made for the purchase of their property. Additionally, the estate agents is obliged to explain the meanings, and the implications of the terms stipulated in the purchasing contract.

The real estate agent acts as a go-between between the buyers and the owner, and assist in the negotiation process to reach an amicable price of the property. The real estate agent also proceeds to act on behalf of the property owner, until the said property is legally transferred to the new owner of the property. For all these services, the estate agent is remunerated with a payment, often referred to as a commission, from the owner/seller.

3 Reasons youll surely want to Consider Land Investment

Much as land is among the most solid investments available today, it remains the most misunderstood and overlooked real estate investment. Most real estate investors have a lot of misconceptions about land investment with many claiming that vacant land doesn’t produce any income.

This, however, is a very unfortunate misconception because nothing would give you some serious cash flow than land investment. The trick to investing in land that’s still in its natural state isn’t about buying it a good price but selling it for a good profit at the right time.

If you’re probably still wondering if land investment is worth your time and money, here are a few educative reasons that will undoubtedly convince you otherwise.

1. You Don’t Have to be an Expert

While it is true that land investment is ideal for someone willing to wait for years till someone comes calling, one great thing about it is that you don’t have to be an expert to invest in land.

Forget all about construction and renovations or how to rehab a property, with vacant land, all you need to understand is whether it is suitable for building. Provided you can find someone who can build on the land; you’re good to go.

2. No competition

When it comes to land investment, there is little to no competition from other buyers. If you’re tired of dealing with the stiff completion that comes with buying apartments or houses, then investing in a land would be worth it.

Real estate investors are mostly stuck on buying commercial properties and homes making it quite competitive. In the raw land market, however, there is virtually no competition especially because most investors don’t understand the benefits that come with it.

3. It’s a Good Retirement Plan

Of course, this would not be an ideal choice for pre-retirees who can’t hold onto the property for long to reap its benefits. Contrastingly, investing in raw land is a long-term investment and the best option for people who are years away from retirement, say, ten or twenty years.

They’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of its rising value. Moreover, it’s a long-term and tangible asset that neither wears out nor depreciates. You’ll surely have a peace of mind investing in land especially if you buy it at an affordable price.

It’s all About Timing and Location

A Land investment is very cheap as opposed to buying developed real estate. However, for you to feel your money’s worth, it’s probably a good idea to choose land in an area promising some real population growth. Moreover, you’ll want to sell the property during the boom cycles to enjoy even a higher profit for the same.

4 Important Points to Consider Before Buying Farm or Agricultural Land

Buying land for your farm or agricultural business is a crucial decision you should not take lightly. In fact, increasing demand for farmland has made the value of land in many areas increase quite substantially.

You’ll need to conduct proper research and use all resources available to plan yourself financially. What should you consider before buying land? Here are some pointers to help you make an informed decision.

Determine your Current Financial Condition

Before jumping on any deal, you need to consider your current financial condition and budget to see if buying land is worth the investment that will reap you great results. Look at the property you seek to purchase and compare it with the amount you’re willing to invest.

Would you rather consider other investment opportunities that promise better returns? Don’t forget to consider the expected expenditure for your farm or agricultural land.

Find out the Soil Type

Be sure to ask about the soil type. If possible ask for any recent soil test or request a soil test. This will help you determine the nutrients available in the ground or whether you’ll need to add additional nutrients to bring it back to a tillable condition.

This, however, will cost you, even more, money than you would have budgeted for. The type of soil on the land will have a huge impact on the revenue your farm and agricultural activities will generate.

The Property Boundaries

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out you did not get what you paid for. Be sure you see and know how many acres of land you’re buying before making a bid. If the boundary of the property is not clear and the land hasn’t been surveyed, consider having it surveyed and determine who’ll pay for this activity.

Find out the Current Estimated Market Value of a Similar Land

If you’ve already identified a preferred land worth buying for your farming or agricultural activities, take the time to research and find out other comparable sales available in the same area. Much as appraisals are quite expensive and you probably won’t get a full evaluation, it may be the best way to identify the land value and determine whether the buying price is reasonable and worth it.

Wrapping Up

Buying land is one thing, but purchasing a good land that promises significant returns is important and will impact greatly on your farm or agricultural activities. You want to get value for your money, right? Be sure to talk to your banker and lawyer to understand whether you’re making a good investment. Having a strong purchase plan will undoubtedly help you make the investment worth it.


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